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About Us.....

We offer three different photo booth models, each designed to create a high quality and fun photo booth rental experience.  We also offer a few amazing social media solutions in conjunction with our photo booths or without a booth.  We service Austin, Waco, and the entire Central Texas area. 

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We have been in business since early 2010 and treat every event as if it were our own.  The photo booths we provide are among the largest high quality booths in the Austin, Waco,  and Central Texas area allowing 2 to over 16 guests per frame.  

We are full time professionals who specialize in everything a photo booth has to offer and focus on Quality, Options, Service, Professionalism, and then fun.  We are so much more than an add on service offered by your photography or DJ package.

The truth is, all photo booths are going to be fun, but very few if any offer the same level of quality, options, dedication, and professionalism that we provide.

We provide that extra element of fun and excitement while our photo booths maintain an elegant look. We also include an extensive selection of over 55-65 high end props on our premium booths! 

The photobooth prints created are of the highest professional quality due to pro level aftermarket upgrades installed on our premium models.   Once printed on site they create and capture how much fun you and your guests experienced in one of our booths. The prints are also guaranteed to make the ultimate party favor!‚Äč

We Specialize in Weddings and Corporate events, but are so much fun for parties and other events.

We are Austin Local, but proud to service Waco to New Braunfels, Temple to Killeen, Austin to Drippings Springs, Bastrop to Horseshoe Bay, and the Entire Central Texas Area.  Please look over our site, see what we have to offer, and contact us today for info and availability and lets photo booth Austin and Waco!

Call us today at 512-905-2711 at 254-716-5213 email us at info@centraltexasjbooth.com or use our contact us page to book one of our amazing booths for your event!!!

Photo Blog...  A Few Actual Photos from Real Events

  • bride in photobooth College Station Wedding 2015 NYE

    Quality matters a lot and we are grateful Meghan and Ryan agree and had us at their 2015 NYE wedding out in College Station, Texas. All photo booths are fun, but few offer the high level service, professionalism, and quality we deliver to all of our events.

  • photo booth rental austin tx sample shot from real event 2013

    our photo booth in Austin TX at a fundraiser. We focus on weddings, but service any type of event. Our photo booth looks good at any formal event and takes high quality photos. this event was at Vuka in Austin TX... So Let's photo booth Austin!

  • wedding photo booth print austin tx

    we love doing weddings and actually specialize in wedding photo booth rentals in the Austin area. We have nicer equipment and have hands on professional hosts for the photo booth. This was a wedding in Austin, TX at Barr Mansion.

  • only 7 in this photo booth photo...

    our photo booth is great for weddings... Large enough to accommodate 7, but can get up to 10 with assistance from our onsite host. We offer photo booth hosting, and are more hands on than just dropping off equipment.

  • San Marcos TX photobooth 2014 holiday party

    So Fancy! These ladies definitely are a glammed up and having a blast with the booth at this local holiday party. We love the red curtain for the holidays, it just fits the season so well!

  • photo booth at company holiday party Texas 4455

    photo booth was set up at the down town Marriott Plaza in San Antonio Texas. We just love working with this company year after year and work to keep relationships going with our corporate clients.

  • Austin TX corporate holiday Party image 22654

    fun times with our photo booth at a company holiday party. This event was set at the Omni Austin Down Town in Dec. of 2014. We love to load up on the holiday props this time of year!!!

  • Austin TX corporate holiday Party image 77447

    one last image from our flagship booth, again at the omni down town austin texas. A ton of fun at this 2014 hoiday party. They shose a more elegant print design, but we do offer a ton of holiday themed print options.

  • large crowd in the photo booth austin area

    12 wedding guests in the photo booth... at a wedding in the Austin area. This was actually in Giddings, TX. We are so much fun at weddings and we are professional, and have a quality photo booth.... so we add to the fun without being tacky.

  • photo booth print from a Fredericksburg wedding 1

    photo booth fun with us covers the entire Central Texas area. This wedding was in Fredericksburg, but the next time you find us we may be in New Braunfels, TX, Bastrop, or Temple, TX

  • Austin Charity Photo Booth 3

    Photo Booth set up at Wild Onion Ranch in South Austin or Kyle TX. We have fun with this group every year!!!

  • photo booth austin image from a Lakeway wedding image 98

    Photo booth rental Austin is great for weddings. In fact, we specialize in wedding and host our booths at over 100 weddings per year. Quality matters with your wedding photo booth.

  • crazy time photo booth fun Austin

    This group was having too much fun in the photo booth. Image taken in Austin, TX at Barton Creek Resort for a fundraiser event. We do focus on weddings, but are happy to bring our photo booth to any event.

  • fun fun fun austin photo booth

    lets photo booth austin!!! image from a fundraiser at barton creek resort. only 8 in this photobooth photo, but we can squeeze in up to 10 or 11.

  • photo booth giddings prom in 2013 4

    We service Austin to Waco, but also the entire area. So, getting to Giddings, Elgin, Bastrop, or even out to College Station is just part of the photo booth service we offer.

  • photo booth giddings prom in 2013 1

    We service Austin to Waco, but also the entire area. So, getting to Giddings, Elgin, Bastrop, or even out to College Station is just part of the photo booth service we offer.

  • large group at a weddnig photo booth image 22565

    We love weddings and our photo booth is built for higher end events like weddings or fundraisers. All photo booths are fun, but few offer high quality photos such as this and are local to the Austin and Waco Texas areas.

  • bridal party in our photo booth at a dripping springs tx wedding

    this is clearly the groomsmen and bride in our photo booth at this wedding. Wedding was set in the Texas hillcountry just outside Austin Texas. Dripping Springs TX to be specific. We love weddings and are one of very few higher end quality photo booths in the Austin and Waco Texas area. All photo booths are fun, but few run as a full time business, are professionals, and offer a superior level of quality in all aspects of your photo booth experience.

  • photo booth austin image 397

    set up with our event photo booth for a local charity event in Austin TX. We do our best to discount our photo booth pricing for fundraisers in the Austin, Waco, or Central Texas area.

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