We live in a digital age where social media cannot be ignored. This is why we offer some really exciting cutting edge social media options for private events or corporate public events.

All of our Austin and Waco area photo booths do come with prints unless otherwise noted (two of our options are 100% social and will not print).  But, we can add social media to any of our photo booths allowing your guests to text message, email, or post their photos or animated GIF to Twitter & Facebook... great for branding or just sharing the fun.

We even can even remove prints and just go 100% social with any of our booth options!

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Social Media for Corporate Events

Our social booth options are great for marketing or branding,  We can help with just about any media marketing goal.  Our service can be set up to do social media at the photo booth, at a separate kiosk, or set up with no actual photo booth at all. 

BRANDING ON PHOTOS:  We will include your logo and any text or design work on the pics. (We have preset options, but can work with you to get the end result exactly how you like it.)

ONSITE PRINTS:  with your logo on the prints your brand will always be associated with the experience at the event.  And the print will end up on a guests ridge at home, or cork-board at work.  (can be removed for a purely social experience.)

Animated GIF Booth:  GIFs are the ultimate photo booth option for sharing the experience and fun!  A guest takes a series of photo booth photos, then the 3 or 4 photos taken are saved as a GIF in a loop with a fraction of a seconds delay, creating the animated effect.  The clip can be shared as a 5 second video or a GIF file. (This is an extra option to any of our booths.)

ONLINE VIEWS:  Create real grass roots views when guests post their photos to social media.

DATA COLLECTION:  We can export client info used to email, post, or text their images.  Forwarding this on to you allows you to gauge the results or follow up with the guests.   We do not log this info on private events.

SLIDE SHOWS:  We can send the booth images or GIFs to any screen with a USB port.  Second screen is usually a big screen proved by venue or yourself.  We can however add a 56 inch screen for an additional cost upon request.  This keeps the event fun and images on display for everyone to enjoy. 

ADVERTISE WITHIN YOUR SLIDESHOW:  Insert promotional images to display between the photo booth photos on your slideshow.  You can select the number of photos between your advertisement too!  Spread out the content between 15-20 photos or really drive your message home marketing between every 2-3 images.  Either way, provide us with your ad images and start marketing in a really fun way!  (also neat for private parties if you want to just mix up the photos and do not need to advertise.) 

CUSTOM BACKDROP:  We can add a step and repeat or other custom backdrop for the photos.  this is an additional option, but worth noting here due to the branding potential.

So, put us to work for you and your brand by booking one of our social booths.

Our Social Media Options are split up between Enhanced sharing options and more basic sharing options for private events.  What we can do for a company seeking a fun marketing strategy is totally different from what is appropriate at a private function.

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