BLUE TRUNK OPTIONS - CentralTexas J Booth

Blue Trunk Print/Curtain Options

We offer a huge variety of designs in a 2x6 Strip format or a 4x6 print format.

We also offer the option to choose your curtain. We have over 100 different curtain options to choose from.  All curtains are actual vinyl curtains vs. an unappealing green-screen. 

1. Select your curtain option

2. Select format or layout (Strips or 4x6)

3. Select your design option for your prints (just click either the 2x6 or the 4x6 gallery to view options.)

*All Text and color of print design is 100% customizable.

BLUE TRUNK CURTIAN OPTOINS - 100+ options, and not a greenscreen!!!

Photo both curtains are special ordered, so please give at least 30 days notice on your selection. You may also use no curtain and use a wall at your event as the backdrop.

PRINT DESIGN OPTIONS... Click image to view larger.



We also offer a single shot layout for the Blue Trunk Photo Booth.  Generally this is used for corporate events.  A sample of the Single Shot with your logo can be seen here....

Single Pic 4x6 with Logo

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